Fireworks in the Keweenaw

Last night I went to Copper Harbor (~50 minutes away by car) to watch the fireworks with a few friends, as apparently it’s pretty much the only place in the Keweenaw that does them (Lake Lindon does too). We got up there around 9pm, and wondered around until we found some friends to sit and watch them with (from a great spot too). About 10:30, a dense fog started rolling in, and by 10:45 we could only see about 50 feet away. They finally decided to start shooting them off around 11:15, and this is what we got:

Red One

It was a new experience to say the least. Eventually some of the fog was burned off, and they were able to get a few high enough so that we could actually make them out.

Dad, the fireworks in Rose City are better though. Even had I been able to see them all, the show was far shorter than back home.