Sad iPod

My iPod has given up the ghost. I’ve been fighting with it for a while now and today, I was squarely beaten. I was listening to a couple of Beethoven’s symphonies today (3rd and 7th if you want to know) and turned it off when I got to class. As usual, I put it in my pocket for the rest of the day. This was at noon.

Fast forward to 4:30pm. I just got out of my last class for the day and am sitting in my car. The iPod goes in the cupholder, the FM transmitter is attached. I use the menu to navigate to a song in my playlist of rock music and the iPod freezes. I mentally groan and am annoyed to have to fuss with it before I head home. I reset it and it goes through its booting menu… this time though, I’m not greeted by the normal menu. Oh no, I get this:

Sad iPod

I’m still within the standard one year warranty (I didn’t buy AppleCare for my iPod) so I’ve submitted the web form to get a replacement. It turns out, since I’m past 6 months, I have to pay shipping, to the tune of $30. Oh well, that’s $30 for a new iPod, it’s better than $299.

Hopefully the turn around is less than a week, I’m already missing it.

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