Panasonic DVD Players – H02 error

I put a DVD into my Panasonic DVD-RP56 player this evening and to my surprise, it could not read any disc that I inserted. Instead, it simply displayed: “H02 Error”. A quick Google search indicated this was a common problem (defect perhaps?) to many Panasonic players.

The solution is pretty simple: remove the case, open the tray and then unplug the unit. Inside you’ll see the portion that spins the discs. Give this a few good whirls and start it up again. If it doesn’t spin on its own, spin it around yourself a couple times and it should start up.

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  1. If you are hesitating on trying this, don’t. I’m not very handy, and this still worked like a charm in 4 minutes. Assuming I’d have to spend $40 for a functional replacement, that’s a pretty good payday :). On my player, however, you cannot put the cover back on, and the solution is simple. I had to make the tabs at the front of the case (on top, about 1/4 of the way in from the front) rest on top of the case instead of slotting back in to where they go. All five screws go back in, but there is less pressure on top of the drive (which seems to stop the white disk from spinning). I was too afraid to try lubing it. Will try that next if needed. Thanks so much!

  2. Awesome! I tried it and…BOOM! It worked. Just to confirm, I played several different DVD’s.


  3. I just used this on my LS5. It’s a portable player so I had to spin the disk then close the top. After the fifth attempt it started up as good as new. I’ve had this player several years and did not want to have to replace it. Thanks for the fix.

  4. Kyle, this just happened to my Panasonic RP91K (flagship DVD player in it’s day). I did the exact same thing that you did to repair yours and it now works like it should again.

  5. I have a DVD-RV31 model and youre unablw to take the case off of it , it has been 3 months since I have been able to watch movies in my room and I haven’t got enough money to get a new one i dont know what to do could you help me out ?

  6. It worked for me !
    I have had this multi region Panasonic VHS/DVD player since 2006 (15 years old). Never had this problem or any problem until yesterday that got the H02 Error.
    I followed the instruction and It started working again.

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