ATI Drivers Part Deux

The alternate title for this entry is: ATI Drivers for Linux Suck More Than a Crack Addicted Harlot.

Well, I’ve recovered from my initial excitement and joy that came with actually managing to get my 3D drivers installed. Now I’ve come to realize how bad the ATI drivers for actually are. This past weekend, one of my housemates, another friend and I went on an Unreal Tournament 2004 gaming spree. Now, I’ve played this game quite a bit in the past, and I remember it running quite well on both Windows XP and Xfree-86.

Now though, I’ve been playing things all on the lowest settings (where before everything had been cranked up as high as it could go) and… well, pictures are worth a thousand words they say:

Guess when I was playing?

UT2k4 CPU Usage
UT2k4 Load Average

That’s right, it pegs out my CPU and takes my load average up to 2 (through an oddity of how it graphs it isn’t 6).

ATI, thanks for sucking.

3 thoughts on “ATI Drivers Part Deux

  1. Who thinks that the ATI drivers just offload all of the 3D stuff to the CPU? It sure as hell appears that way! GG NVIDIA.

  2. Seriously junk that card and get something worth using. You could get a pretty slick GeForce card for what you could sell that Radeon for on Ebay.

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