Bye bye Internet Explorer

I ran across a story about Google implementing a program where they pay money to people who refer others to Firefox downloads with the Google Toolbar installed.

There’s also a nifty project called Internet Explorer Destroyer that displays a nice little page recommending you switch when you visit this page. For those of you using IE, I’m sure you’ve already seen it.

2 thoughts on “Bye bye Internet Explorer

  1. This page seems to be horribly broken. When I visited your site using internet explorer I was allowed to fully view it without the page popping up. when I went to leave you this comment using internet explorer the page finally popped up saying that I was in fact using internet exploerer. however the link at the bottom that says “continue without firefox>>” does absolutely nothing. infact I had to change browsers just to leave you this comment. I understand the purpose of annoying people in order to both make money and stop the usage of internet explorer, however making your site unusable I think was a unforseen, and more than likely unwanted side effect.

  2. What version of IE are you using? I tested it to make sure it worked and I was redirected right away. The “Continue without firefox” link worked too.

    Also, if you’ve taken any of the security settings (especially javascript) off the default, that could be the cause.

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