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Well, I think I’m finally about to join the modern world and get a cell phone. I’m looking at going with Cingular and the Motorola RAZRv3 (in black). Does anyone have any stories or advice they’d like to relate (good or bad) about Cingular and/or the RAZR?

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  1. I have Cingular and got it through a local dealer. Which was a mistake in the end. I should have just gotten it online, since I could have saved on some fees because I could do it through IBM. You can get the razr on amazon for free with a cingular contract.

    I haven’t had any issue with Cingular, but once you do their support isn’t supposed to be that great. Though I don’t know of any big name wireless provider that does have good support.

    Mobile2Mobile minutes are the most useful overall. So I would go with whatever service the people you are calling most have. If possible it can really save you minutes and make it easy to keep in contact.

  2. The problem I’m having doing it online is that I can’t get the phone with a Houghton phone number. However, nor can I get it online with the zip code of the Cingular store where I’ll be purchasing the phone and plan over break. So, I’m kinda stuck as far as that goes.

    Most of my friends are pretty fairly spread out over Cell One, Alltel and Cingular, to the point that one doesn’t stand out above the others as a compelling reason to go with that service. My parents use Cell One and my brother Alltel.

    I also really like the idea of Rollover minutes with Cingular. I’m paying for them, why shouldn’t I be able to accrue them and hang on to them for a while?

  3. Yeah rollover minutes are useful. You need to pay for a nationwide contract before you will get rollover minutes, the cheaper local plans don’t have rollover minutes.

    You won’t find anything but Cell One or Alltel with Houghton #’s since you have to offer service in the area to be able to give out numbers in an area.

    To bad you can’t take advantage of the amazon deal. The store will probably charge $200-300 for the razr.

  4. According to Cingular’s website, the RAZR after rebate is $99. I’m assuming that they would honor their web site’s sales. Plus, apparently my parents are going to be swinging part of it as a Christmas gift (where I believe part = at least the phone).

    I wasn’t aware that Cingular had local plans. All of them that the website shows me are national plans. Is this a per-dealer’s location thing that they only offer in an actual store?

  5. I don’t know for sure. I just remember seeing plans that didn’t have rollover minutes. I would hope you can get the same deal in the store as you do online. One would think so.

  6. Yeah, they do offer plan that don’t include rollover minutes.

    Anytime Minutes 1500
    Night & Weekend Minutes Not Included
    Mobile to Mobile minutes Unlimited
    Long distance $0.00
    Roaming charges $0.00
    Additional minutes 45¢/minute
    One-time activation fee $36.00
    Contract Length 2 years

    It doesn’t look all that attractive to me though. Sure, you get a lot of anytime minutes and I honestly doubt that I’ll use 1500 minutes a month but it’s $10/month than the plan I’m going to get.

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