Back in Town

Well, I’m back in Houghton. I got back Saturday, left straight from my cousin Yena’s wedding and drove back up, I almost beat my personal best of 6 hours and 2 minutes… only 17 minutes too slow. I celebrated New Years with Kevin, Megan, Phill and Phill’s friend April.

My one week Christmas vacation was pretty good. I drove home on the 23rd and discovered that my parents’ dryer and refrigerator were both broken… the fridge was fixed the day before I left. I finished my shopping up on the 24th with a trip to Saginaw. We did the traditional thing on Christmas, everyone waiting in the living room for my mom to get ready. My brother brought his girlfriend down and we had Christmas dinner.

I spent the following week running around with my head cut off: braving the Best Buy return line on the 26th (45 minutes), optometrist visit, doctor visit (I have an ear infection), power steering fixed, airbag fixed the next day and a wedding the morning I left. It’s funny how my vacations end up being busier than my average week. I think this week I’ll end up at another optometrists office (this one in Houghton, so I can get contacts) and my chiropractor’s office. I have four days of antibotics left and my ear is feeling a lot better.

We’ve done a bit of rearranging around the house. The pool table is now in what was the living room, the couches are in what was the pool room and we have a sheet up on a wall (probably permanently) that we’ve set up for a projector. There’s actually room to play pool now and we have a cozy common area as well. I think I’ll try to find a lamp to brighten the room up though… the one light that is in there doesn’t do much, even with the overflow lighting from the bar. I’ll take a couple pictures and put them up later tonight.

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