LSPR and Flogging Molly

The Lake Superior Pro Rally was held Friday and Saturday and of course I volunteered. I got to take some great shots, a bit of video and hang out with some friends who I don’t spend enough time around. Tim has cut it all together into a video, which he has put on YouTube for the time being. Once he finds a fast host, I’ll put up a link for the high quality version of the video.

Besides a video camera, I hauled my DSLR along and got a number of shots that I think turned out pretty well:

LSPR Stage 2 - Bob Lake - 20 October-2006-9

LSPR Stage 2 - Bob Lake - 20 October-2006-17

LSPR Stage 9 - Delaware - 21 October-2006-8

LSPR Stage 9 - Delaware - 21 October-2006-7

LSPR Stage 9 - Delaware - 21 October-2006-9

Saturday night, pretty much everyone I knew headed up to the Wood Gym at the SDC for the Flogging Molly concert. It was incredible. Those guys put on one hell of a show! The second opener wasn’t all that exciting, and I think they were the completely wrong genre of music to be an immediate lead-in to Flogging Molly, but I was more than satisfied when I left. My legs still hurt from all the dancing I did.

This is probably the best weekend I’ve had all semester. Unfortunately, I had to pay for my fun with a rather large amount of homework that had to be accomplished on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get even more done tonight and maybe even get a jump start on some of these papers I have due.

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  1. the creepy thing about those photos is that they almost don’t look real. they almost look like they are pulled from a video game.

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