Ubuntu – Linux on the Desktop (Add/Remove Programs)

There’s more than one way to install applications in Ubuntu. You can use apt, the Synaptic Package Manager, or, you can can even use the Add/Remove menu under Applications.

It brings up a nice interface that allows you to select software to install by category and even lets you sort them by popularity. (Ubuntu comes with a package called popularity-contest that submits back anonymous information to Ubuntu about what software is installed.)

I checked the box next to xpdf since it is one of my favorite PDF readers and pushed Apply. After confirming and asking me for my password, it began the install.



After an absolutely painless install, I head back up to my menu to find that the program launcher is already there. Gone are the days when you would have to logout/login for your menu changes to propogate.

6 thoughts on “Ubuntu – Linux on the Desktop (Add/Remove Programs)

  1. i would like to do this adding process too but there is an error on downloading
    how shoul i configure my internet options to make things work out?

  2. When you get to the screen that says, “Downloading package files” there is an arrow next to the words “Show progress of single files.” Click on that arrow and you should get an error message that actually tells you something. If you aren’t sure what it means, type it out here and I can probably help you.

  3. Excellent stuff! I noticed that you run your ubuntu session via X11 on the Mac. I don’t know where I’m going to find all the useful command line commands to launch the useful GUI utils, but I’m finding my way through. I hate having to run a full gnome session just to launch one app.

    I have just found that you can launch the “Add/Remove Programs” program from the command line:


    if that helps you at all.



  4. hi i am also having the same problem with add/remove programs giving an error while downloading a package, it says package cant be retrieved. so u say if i run it from command line i should get it…hmmm. thanx

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  6. Any clue as to why add/remove programs won’t open for me? The bar at the bottom of the screen shows “starting add/remove programs” and then it just disappears.

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