Continuing the Saga…

So, I’ve posted a couple times recently about my iBook. The hard drive died, I sent it in… had some issues when I got it back. Then no web browsers worked properly. Well, the hard drive is dead again (or something).

On boot, I see this screen:

What’s this mean? It’s searching for a device to boot from. So, I shove my install media in (my 10.4 install DVD and my System Restore DVD) and get this during the install:


Yeah… it can’t find the hard drive. I was having the same problem when I got it back earlier this week, but was able to get it working via the system restore disk. No such luck anymore. Apple will be getting a phone call from me when they open at 9am EST tomorrow morning. This will be the 6th time I’ve mailed my iBook back to them.

EDIT: And a new box is on the way to me.

3 thoughts on “Continuing the Saga…

  1. hmmm – that’s too bad dude. how about writing (again) to his Steveness and get an upgrade to one of the recent versions?

  2. Makes you glad you bought such a well designed machine. It least it still looks pretty when dead.

  3. Weren’t they supposed to fix that problem? Man, I don’t think I want to buy any laptops from Apple for awhile… That sucks ass for sure. :(

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