Why I love my major

While I often complain about my classes – how I’m taught things that I already know, how I don’t find them useful and how many of the education professors I have can’t seem to teach… there are moments when I’m reminded how much I love my chosen career path.

Today I was working on a plan for the micro-lesson I have to give in class tomorrow and grew excited by the possibilities of discussions we could have. I got excited about the topic matter we were going to discuss, by all the possible ways the discussions could turn. Teaching is excited because you enter the classroom with a plan and some days you make it all the way through it… and some days you start talking about something even more interesting that one of your students has brought up. And the whole time – you’re helping to expand someone’s mind, getting them to think about things they’ve never thought about before, in ways they haven’t thought before.

It’s moments like the one I just had that make the drudgery of my undergrad worth it. At this particular moment, the next 4 weeks of school don’t seem so awful, they don’t seem so long.

3 thoughts on “Why I love my major

  1. Well you know what they say: Those who can’t do teach. Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.

  2. Well, don’t you wish it was still february now? so that you could have many more such moments??

  3. I don’t think I’d go quite that far Gowtham… I’m really looking forward to the weather we get in summer.

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