Summer 2008 Trip: Day 40 – Two Medicine to Harlowton, MT

Started the morning with a cup of coffee, and then an invigorating 7.2 miles on foot in the span of 2.5 hours. Needless to say, our idea of “taking it easy” was picking a mostly level trail and walking faster. Oh well, Twin Falls in the Two Medicine district was absolutely gorgeous. Once we got back to the car, we wolfed down a lunch, changed out of our sweaty clothes and hit the road for my aunt’s house in Harlowton, where they live on a ranch. (My uncle actually rides a horse and does some work as a cowboy.)

Have I mentioned before that Montana was a huge state? It really is. Two hundred and ninety-two miles driven today and we’re not even close to the border. I love it! The entire state is gorgeous, with the exception of Great Falls which has a very urban sprawl feel to it. I’m a bit used to that feeling near a military base though.

Come to find out, that my uncle’s father and sister decided to come visit over the weekend, so we were greeted to a pretty full house, which was fantastic. Lots of catching up, lots of good conversation, and of course, lots of good food. Tomorrow morning, everyone clears out, and we’ll be hitting the road shortly after the big group so we can get in a much needed shower (we haven’t had showers since Thursday morning and although we’ve been taking “field showers” they aren’t nearly as nice and don’t do much for the hair.

Day 40 - Two Medicine to Harlowton, MT

Travel Distance: 292 miles, plus 7.2 miles on foot

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  1. I too shower once a week – trying to be environmentalist by saving water (and polluting the air) :D

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