Getting Settled in and Training

I know, I know… I should be updating more. I’ve got pictures of the village and my apartment, but I haven’t had time to process them yet. I’ll work on it when I get back from training on Friday night and try to get them up.

It’s been fun to get out and about in the village. I’ve got a Post Office box now and I went fishing on my first full day in the village.

Silver Salmon

One stop along the river

Not bad for just casting the line in the water and reeling it back in. I also received most of my food just before I got on the plane for training in Unalakleet, which is where I am now. It’s been fun, I met a lot of cool people and I’m learning a lot, the whole instructional model and how it actually works is making a lot more sense now.

Well, I’m gonna go check out what’s going on with dinner. I promise I’ll put up a bunch of pictures on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Getting Settled in and Training

  1. Seriously, You should be updating more….

    Even more seriously, Wanna trade places? NJ is not so bad – you get to see Brett Favre (playing for Jets this season) on a regular basis in local TV as a bonus :-P

  2. Gowtham, I’m going to NJ on Sunday for 2 weeks at Fort Dix.

  3. Dude, I like what I see. Looking forward to more pics. I need to upload some of mine, myself. Is Scott at FT Dix too? It’s where I am. Tell him to give me a call.

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