Hard Drives

Well, tonight I finish my migration to all Seagate hard drives. The drive that I thought was failing (and thus the reason I purchased a replacement for it two weeks ago) failed again tonight. It’s not a huge deal for that one, but it is my music and backups drive.

I’ll be pulling it out and copying the backups I made of all that data to it in about half an hour. After that, I’ll use the computer my brother sent up for his girlfriend to use in the fall to stress test the drive. Speaking of that computer, he did something that was pretty dumb. See if you can spot it:


That’s right, he replaced the stock power supply with a better one and the holes do not line up. Apparently his old one didn’t have a power switch. The part that boggles my mind is that he didn’t dremel a new hole for it before he sent it up here with me.

EDIT: Apparently this is actually his computer that he moved from a different case and hadn’t finished working on before I took it up. I was wondering why the dvd burner and 3 hard drives were inside.

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