Weekend Project – Bar Fishtank

This weekend, a few of my housemates and I undertook a project to install a fishtank into the bar in our kitchen. The hole was already there, so it was pretty much a process that consisted of:

  • Clean the fishtank.
  • Plug the hole in the bottom.
  • Fill the tank.
  • Go fish shopping and realize we should get a heater.
  • Realize that we should put some sealant around the plug.
  • Empty fishtank and seal.
  • Put in gravel and fill with water again.
  • Play Smash Bros.
  • We don’t have any fish in there yet, the water was far too cold and was only up to 65F this morning. We’re planning on going shopping this weekend after payday. We’re still not sure what we want to put inside.

    Here’s a picture taken next to the pool table. You can find more pictures here. (That page will be updated as we put the fish in and periodically thereafter.)

    Fish Tank in the Bar

    4 thoughts on “Weekend Project – Bar Fishtank

    1. nice fishtank. looks like fun.

      if you leave it empty it is less work… and you’ll never have dead fish!

    2. Very cool aragirn. You should get some cichlids, things like Oscars or Convicts.

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