A ruckus about Ruckus

Yeah, corny title, I know.

I’ve a few more details I can give out about Ruckus at MTU now.

  • Ruckus will be active this fall.
  • Representatives will be on campus the 20, 21 and 22nd for Orientation and will be participating in a few seminars and the expo.
  • They will be providing applications to us for people to sign up, however the primary sign-up method will be online.
  • Ruckus is advertising in the Lode for an on campus marketing director to do posters, be at K-Day, etc.
  • Their X-Serve is here and will be loaded with 10,000 of the most popular songs. When someone downloads a song that is not local, it will be downloaded to the server in the EERC and their own machine.
  • Each month a USB hard drive full of movies will arrive and be connected to the server. The MPAA doesn’t allow those movies to go over the internet yet.
  • Ruckus has their own PC in the basement of DHH that they can Remote Desktop in for testing. They’ll be monitoring speed, etc.
  • At the moment, that’s about all I have to tell you. I can try to find out more if anyone wants to leave questions/concerns (other than complaining about the operating systems it doesn’t run on, etc.) in a comment.

    EDIT:The information in my previous post still applies.

    4 thoughts on “A ruckus about Ruckus

    1. Damn, my trick will only work on audio streams.

      Well I guess that means I half beat it a month before we get it :)

    2. Can you get get a confirm/deny on support for Win2k or Win2k3? Does it require WMP10 or does WMP9 work?

      /me doesn’t want to run XP

    3. The guys at Ruckus are still checking on my question, but they did give me some info:

      WMP10 is required for portable device support. WMP10 will not install on Windows 2003 (which only came in a “server version” BTW).

      My understanding is that WMP9 (runs on Win98SE, ME, 2000 & 2003) works for the basic functionaly of the client (with the exception of portable devices).

      This information is not final, I presume they are testing it.

    4. Well, if WMP9 is supported, it should work on my Mac as it is available from Microsoft. I’ll test it once we get our Resnet accounts.

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