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So, as some of you may have noticed, my blog is now sporting Adsense (and has been for about a month now) , Google’s ads. I’m going text only, so hopefully it doesn’t prove to be too annoying for anyone reading this.

I didn’t get too many clicks until December rolled around. Through today, Adsense has earned me about $15. That’s 39 ads clicked and I’m paid an average of $0.84 per click. While I’m not earning as much money as some of those people who actually live off of their Adsense revenue, it might pay the bill for my new cell phone this month, which isn’t bad in my eyes.

Adsense was pretty easy to set up too. It took about 10 minutes to register an account and about a day later, I got a test debit to my checking account (though you can also opt for a check in the mail). Actually implement the ads on the website was pretty easy too. On this site, I just dropped a chunk of javascript into a CSS file and poof!, Google ads. On my Foamy mirror, I did have to go through and put the javascript on each page (I just mirror it for a guy, so I’m not redesigning it to use CSS, which I don’t know well enough for that task). If anyone is interested in setting it up on their site and has trouble, let me know.

For the rest of you, have a heart, click the occassional ad and make some money for me at no cost to you.

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