Winter Break has come again

My third fall semester at MTU is now over. I don’t have any of my grades yet, but they should be coming in soon and I’m fairly confident. Most of my friends have left town, but I’m going to be staying for work.

I doubt I’ll get to many customers calling, but I’m going to be putting some work into our intranet site and add a few features. Since it is written in PHP and uses a MySQL backend I’ll be learning a bit about that as well. One of my roommates has kindly loaned me a couple of O’Reilly books (SQL pocket reference, SQL in a Nutshell and Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL) which will come in handy.

It looks like I’ll be leaving Houghton on the 23rd and driving back up on the afternoon of the 31st, straight from my cousin’s wedding reception (perhaps I’ll take the time to change clothes). I should be back by midnight though and I hear rumour of a New Year’s party at my house if anyone is interested (it will probably be BYOB and we have a couple of couches that are comfortable enough to sleep on).

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