Semester Grades

My final grades for the semester came back, I didn’t do too badly, though I’m sure I could have done better had I put more effort into it. Oh well, lessons learned, profs I’ll never have to take again.

I passed all three of my PE classes:

  • Beginning Archery
  • Beginning Rifle
  • Leisure Sports
  • Both Orientation to the Social Sci and Themes in Western Civilization with one of my favorite professors at Tech came back as As. So did CyberLaw.

    History of Michigan and Historiography were both Bs, but I shouldn’t have that prof again, which I’m happy about. American Foreign Policy was a B too, though this was mainly procrastination and a lack of interst on my part. I’ve discovered that I’m far more interested in domestic politics than international. While I do enjoy the broad overviews of international politics, the details just don’t seem to engage me. It seemed as if everytime I’d work on a discussion of international relations, I’d bring the focus back to the domestic details. Oh well, perhaps International Law over the summer will go well.

    In the spring I’m scheduled for some fairly interesting classes, hopefully I can get my head into school a bit more:

  • American Constitutional Law (SS3660) – I had this prof for CyberLaw, should be interesting.
  • Social Problems (SS3710) – I’ve heard stories of Dassbach, at the least… it should be entertaining.
  • Military History of the U.S. (SS3505) – Terry Reynolds, one of my all-time favorite Tech profs.
  • First Aid/CPR (PE3985) – What? I non-0 level PE course, crazy!
  • Broomball (PE0210 L02) – Oh, yeah!
  • Techniques for Teaching Math (MA3910) – I get to learn to teach via manipulatives. Block time!
  • Speech Communication (FA2090) – The one class I’m probably going to dread.
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