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Well, I guess it’s about time I made another post. I’m afraid it just takes a little while to build up a whole lot worth talking about that isn’t simply part of the daily grind. A couple weeks ago, I took a trip with Betsy to her parents’ house; it was a pretty good time and we spent a bit of time waterfall hunting. Her mom also had a little garden out back that I was able to take a few interesting shots in.



We headed up to Tahquamenon Falls Saturday (July 22nd) in the morning and I was instantly regretting not having any ND (Neutral Density) filters to cut down on the light. We ended up going back at sunset/dusk so I could shoot some more pictures.



A trip to Sault Ste Marie filled up the middle portion of Saturday (sorry, no interesting Locks pictures) but we did stop by Point Iroquois Lighthouse on the way. We saw a freighter while we were on the beach, Betsy put up with me taking yet more pictures of her, and of course, we climbed the lighthouse.


Sunday, we headed out to Miner’s Castle on the way back, and then stopped at Alger Falls, Wagner Falls and Munising Falls, all within a few miles of Munising, MI.



Last weekend, as we were coming into town from Berzerker, I caught a couple shots I wanted to take out of the corner of my eye as we were passing over the lift bridge. I headed back down about 15 minutes later to snap them, but the sun had moved too much and they were gone. Luckily, (for me at least) I was too stubborn to leave without taking at least a few pictures, so I found a few more things to take pictures of.


The next day, Gowtham took me out to check out the new lens he picked up for a friend, a 200-400mm f/4G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor lens. The thing was huge, and I don’t think I could ever afford one on my own (as it is a little over $5000).


This past week, I picked up a new lens, a Nikkor prime lens, 50mm 1.8f. I’ve shot a few pictures with it, none of which are not on flickr yet. Its 1.8 fstop definitely came in handy when I went down into a local mine two days ago (Thursday, August 3rd) and snapped a few pictures. I’ll get those up on flickr early next week and then post them here.

2 thoughts on “Some more pictures

  1. Guess I have told you before but telling you again – three waterfalls pics look awesome and so does the doll girl (guessing Betsy’s parents’ backyard garden).


  2. I was pleasantly surprised to find a number of little treasures in that garden. The doll and swinging turtle were only two of them.

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