Are you ready for this jelly?

School is over for the summer, and now working is ramping up. My parents came up to visit this past weekend, and we headed out to Hungarian Falls, Brockway Mountain, Eagle Harbor and Quincy Mine. We had a good time and I got a lot of great photos, I’ll post them up once I’m done editing them.

Tim made it up last weekend too. We got him moved into Rae’s room until Saturday, when Ox will be back in the dorms. He’s getting back into the groove at work, and is taking some of my workload, so that’s a big relief. Things are starting to heat up though, and after this weekend, I expect my next day off to be Labor Day.

This morning I pretty much sliced the tip of my left finger above the thumbnail off at work. So, I drove to the ER, got a couple stitches and went back to finish off my 11 hour work day. The skin may or may not have to come off, right now it’s in place acting as a bandage at the very least. We’ll see how that turns out.

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