Another photo post

It’s been a while, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves:

Quincy Mine - 3 August-2006-2
(I had a lot more great shots from Quincy, sadly though, I somehow lost all those pictures.)

Jacob's Creek Falls - 12 August-2006-2

Hungarian Falls - 12 August-2006-11

Hungarian Falls - 12 August-2006-6

Hungarian Falls - 12 August-2006-3

Michigan Tech - 5 August-2006-2

Brockway Mountain - 12 August-2006-6

Networking Jacks-2006-2

3 thoughts on “Another photo post

  1. yo Kyle,

    was the first pic taken with that f/1.8 lens? looks great (and lot brighter) for an inside the mine environment :)

    see you in a couple weeks or so…


  2. Yes, it was taken with the f/1.8 lens. When I went back with my folks, I found I could play with my zoom in a couple spots (and did). Unfortunately, I somehow lost all those pictures and they weren’t on my laptop long enough to get backed up.

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