Smith & Wesson M&P

Last year, when I turned 21, I heavily considered buying a handgun as a birthday present to myself. Instead, I bought a DSLR, a decision I have not regretted since. As my birthday rolls around this year though, I revisited the idea, and since I have no pressing camera urges to sate, I decided it was time.

I went to a few gun stores, did a bunch of internet research and talked to everyone I could find who owned a gun. “Make sure it’s comfortable.” was the suggestion everyone had for me. With that in mind, I walked into the local handgun store on Monday having narrowed it down to two guns, the Springfield Armory XD (a licensed Croatian gun) and the Smith & Wesson M&P. Picking them both up and holding them again, I handed over my credit card and asked them to order an M&P for me. “End of the week or early next week.” they told me, since they didn’t have any in stock. I got a phone call today that it was in.

I’ve not yet fired it, but it’s clean and ready to go now. Tomorrow after work, you can bet I’ll be taking it out on our first date.

Smith & Wesson M&P

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  1. I trust you already know this – but gun accessories are every bit as addictive as camera accessories (though fortunately not always as insanely expensive). Along the same lines, don’t squeeze the trigger without a good sight picture – the same way you wouldn’t press the shutter release with shit bad composition. There’s no post-processing with bullets (unless you’re hunting, and the finished product is yummy food I guess).

    Now we can shoot three different things when I make my lap around .us – pistols, cameras, and tequila.

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