Work, Opera, birthday and Cabaret, oh my!

Work has been crazy lately, but I’m enjoying it, so the 45-50 hours a week isn’t too bad. I need to start focusing on my upcoming academic endeavors though… two of my teaching certification tests are on July 7th and I need to study for those. I also need to look into taking the GRE this summer so I can apply to grad schools in the fall; I believe I only need to take the general one, so that shouldn’t be too bad. Then I can focus on my final goal for the summer: figuring out where I want to go to grad school at. I want a Master’s in Political Science, but don’t want to end up at a school with a huge Ph.D. program where I’ll be overlooked. Anyone with suggestions is welcome to leave them. So far I’ve heard good things about Eastern Illinois, Western Michigan and Northern Arizona.

But, there’s more to life than work. Last week I was lucky enough to attend two operas performed by the Pine Mountain Music Festival (PMMF), le Docteur Miracle and Trouble in Tahiti. Both were very good, with the former being my favorite of the two. I don’t know why, but I prefer operas in almost any other language. There’s just something about hearing them sung in English that takes away from the experience. This weekend, I’ve got a ticket to a cabaret put on by PMMF, which will be my first; hopefully it is as enjoyable as all the other shows they put on.

The last big event since my last update was my birthday. I’m 22 now, which doesn’t seem like a big deal to me. I’ve long since stopped really celebrating the day (with the exception of my 21st); this year a few friends and I headed to Gratiot River Park and had a bonfire before coming back to Houghton to watch the Bridgefest fireworks (if you talked to me on Saturday, I probably told you the city was shooting off fireworks to celebrate my birthday). I guess the next birthday to look forward to is my 25th… and that’s solely because my car insurance rate will go down. When did birthdays go from being so much fun to just another day?

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  1. And then I didn’t even see that big of a drop in my car insurance rates. That is probably because MA has state controlled insurance rates and I also got in a fender bender back in February. Oh well at least now I can rent a car without any extra fees. :)

    Good luck on the GRE!

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