Panasonic DVD Players – H02 error

I put a DVD into my Panasonic DVD-RP56 player this evening and to my surprise, it could not read any disc that I inserted. Instead, it simply displayed: “H02 Error”. A quick Google search indicated this was a common problem (defect perhaps?) to many Panasonic players.

The solution is pretty simple: remove the case, open the tray and then unplug the unit. Inside you’ll see the portion that spins the discs. Give this a few good whirls and start it up again. If it doesn’t spin on its own, spin it around yourself a couple times and it should start up.

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  1. this may hel in my situation i have a panasonic dvd player also but so far have not had this problem.

    but is there an easier way than taking it apart?

  2. Unfortunately, no. This is a hardware issue and unless you physically open the unit, there’s not a whole lot you can do (other than bashing it on the top of the case and hoping you don’t break it more).

  3. H02 problems with Technics SL-DV 290 could get to start by removing cover and spinning disc, however it is not safe to leave this way. Would like to hear if there are any other suggestions as to how this could be permanently fixed.

  4. Al, I screwed the cover back on. After spinning it the one time, I haven’t had any more issues.

  5. IF…I have done this (spinning , top off..power on …off…on…off..) and its still not playing….does anyone know another solution? can I take yet another part off and fix that? weird thing is, in all the yrs I have had this player I have barely watched more than 40 movies I imagine. But it is near a radiator. would this have damaged it, being warm on occasion? SO unfair to die now after i joined netflix!

  6. Well, oone thin I find very telling. All of you who reported the H02 error did so in the same time frame with December 2007 being the first occurrence and April the second. All others are in July and my Panasonic DVD CV51 has just died with a… you guessed it H02 error.

    I am beginning to see a pattern in the error code and the timing and am more and more inclined to believe that this or similar error has been programmed to occur after the end of the service life of any Panasonic device. On the other hand, if twisting the tray will fix the problem then it probably is hardware related. Still, my machine is a goner. Giving the tray a spin did nothing for me.

  7. solution was a sure thing and I thought Id pass it on…

    I bought a really NICE used player at the Salvation Army Store for $12! that was $12 well spent…better than all the time it took me to take the Panasonic apart and fiddle with it and still didn’t work!
    Maybe because I am in a city…but the Goodwill & the Salvation Army have a large selection on used DVD players.

    Recycle :)


  8. didn’t have the H02 error but disc got stuck. I followed the above info – got disc out & tray opened. But when I plugged in – no power.
    any way to fix?

  9. me again.
    Got power on but tray doesn’t open & close as it should. It’s doing things backwards.
    Open – read – close(very short)-then to read again.
    What did I get off track?

  10. That’s an odd one Lizz. When you took the disk out, did you bump the gear that opens the tray by chance?

  11. Well, it was the end of life for my player!
    Shot it then placed in the trash!!

  12. Hey, I had the same problem with my Panasonic DVD RP-56 player, and I used your solution and it worked. Now I can play DVDs and everything is find. Thanks tons!!!!!!!! :):)

  13. google brought me here for the H02 code on my DVD-LS82 portable DVD player.

    I did what you said, and it works again. Thanks. Ed

  14. I used to fix these things for a living. The problem you speak of is usually caused by a defective spindle motor. That is the little dc motor that spins the dvd. It has to spin within a range of RPM for the dvd to be read at all.

  15. I also had this problem and tried your solution – It worked. Thank you.

  16. Thanks. this solution worked after a couple of tries.Hardest part was removing the case!

  17. well i got the thing to spin as per instructions. Then the machine just lost power … twice. Not due to power cord because i checked that several times. Any clues?

  18. Rick, I haven’t seen that before. Can you be a bit more descriptive?

    Does it randomly lose power at some point during playback or do you still have the case off?
    Does it occur while you’re putting the case back on?
    Did you drop a screw inside somewhere and that is causing it to short out?

  19. Kyle … the case is off. I just tried it again. It powers up, spins when the vcd is inside and begins to read to two 0s, then just shuts off and stops. Waited for 10 minutes, same thing. Did not try with case on. My machine is over 3-4 years old, so maybe it’s just burnout time.

  20. Help… I have a portable DVD-LV50 top load and when I took my Netflix DVD out, the plastic part that holds the DVD in place came with it and it is now gone. Does anyone know what this part is called? The support at Panasonic didn’t know the name so I haven’t been able to order another one!


  21. Rick, without being able to see and tinker with it, I’m guessing that there’s an electrical short somewhere. That likely means using a multimeter to attempt to find it and hope you can fix it or a trip to a service center.

    The best thing to do (and probably most affordable) is buying a new player.

  22. Brian, I’m afraid I don’t know. Try looking in your player’s manual to see if they have a schematic with the parts labeled.

  23. Thanks Kyle … I agree with your advice to get a new player. Will pass on the Panasonic this time.

  24. I have a problem in my panasonic DVD player. I have seen red light before I put the power on. But, when I put the power on the players shows welcome message then put the power by itself. I don’t know what problem happening on it. Please give me solution. I am waiting eagerily for your kind help.


  25. I had my Panasonic DVD-RV31U-K for 4 and half years before the HO2 display showed. I am kinda sad about it, it was a great DVD/CD player. I took off the case and tried to get the disc to spin but the spindle motor is dead. Cheaper to buy another.

  26. I have had this problem twice with my Panasonic DVD player. I’m old school when it comes to fixing things. Both times this has worked. I turned the machine off, gave it a few good wacks on side and bottom and turned it back on again. Took a few tries, but no more than five minutes. So…it lives to play more South Park!

  27. I went to Google, and it brought me here! My DVD player hadn’t been working in MONTHS. I just never had the heart to throw it away. Tonight I decided to finally look it up. I took your advice and my boyfriend opened up the cover. He blew on it a few times and spun the spindle a couple of times and it works!!! YAY!!

  28. Yeah, that worked. Unfortunately, mine continues to work only if the cover stays off. Must be something very sensitive in that spindle.

  29. like everyone else I found this on google. I will try the prescribed method of repair when the kids aren’t around to fool with it. my machine is probably 7 years old and this is our first time to have problems with it. last night we were watching a video that was just opened, after a phone call disrupted us we paused it. resumed movie, didn’t hear something so rewound and played and then it started jumping, not quite skipping. now we have the HO2 error (we thought we caused it from trying to be smart and using the old cd player cleaning disk… maybe that is why it quit spinning or it was just chance) I just thought I would share the part about the skipping/break in between words of video)

  30. Hooray……used your solution and we can play DVD’s again. So pleased as it’s a great DVD player. Shame our Panasonic microwave has died now!

  31. I’m having the HO2 problem as well. Do you keep the power connected when openeing the unit and giving the innards a spin, or should you disconnect?

  32. Thanks Kyle. I have tried this and although it does work for one disc, when I then put in another, the old problem is back and I have to reopen etc etc.
    Perhaps its time for the Bin?

  33. Thanks so much for this–very easy fix and it seems to work so far! Ours died when we had already played a movie and it sat idle for a couple of minutes on a special features menu. It went back to the DVD blue screen and showed “H07” when you tried to hit play. When we shut it down and turned it on again it started displaying “H02”. Our unit was manufactured in February 2003, so it seems to be about the same age as others who have had this problem. Oh well, I’m glad we can get a little more life out of it by opening up the hood!

  34. Hi i have a friends 5 disc panasonic DVD player (cv-52) that pulled open one night, the dvd plays and tray will OPEN but not Close. opened it up and its spinning and the white brace holds it from closing is there seems so simple no ho2 or 7, seems simple?

  35. I have another problem – not H02, but H03. Anybody knows what does it mean and could you give me advice how could I repair it?

  36. I thank everyone for their input. I’m stuck being unable to remove the case. Maybe it’s a strength thing, but I can’t get the screw driver to turn any of the screws. Am I a dunce, a weakling — or something else (no wisecracks, please)…

  37. On another forum Lilmissmilies suggested that:
    turning on your device,
    taking out any disk,
    closing the tray and
    pushing the “back skip”, pause, and play buttons at the same time
    hold buttons for about 4 secs until the screen goes blank
    “initilizing” should then appear
    fixed this problem. Others confirmed that it worked on a number of Panasonic DVD players. I will check on my H02 failing Panasonic player tonight AEST and let you know.

  38. I just repaired my S35 (it displayed “H02” with no warning, after a Janis Joplin CD) with these instructions. Now works like normal. The unit was manufactured in May 2003.

    Thank you so much from Boston!

    Marti — What model is yours?

  39. I just tried your step by step instruction and the first time did not work, kept on giving me the same error,I tried again but this time I moved the whole piece a bit taken off the screws and when I tried it it did work…so far its working but if you have some extra cash, my advice will be “get a new DVD player!!” …thanks for the fix!

  40. Ok.i had my DVD player for like 7years now and this is the first time i have a problem.I will try the cover open thing to see if it helps me too.

  41. Hey Kyle

    Also recieved a HO2 error. Took the cover off, gave it a good spin, now it works perfectly.

    You are a true genius, the Cypher of Panasonic DVD-players.

    Also I imagine you as extremely good lookin’ ;-)

  42. Ok. I had my DVD player for like 7years now and this is the first time I have had a problem. I will try the cover open thing to see if it helps me too.

  43. Add me to the list of people who followed the instructions above to fix the H02 error. Worked like a charm – I’m back up & running. THANK YOU!!

  44. Had a H02 problem, fixed with the take cover off, spin, put cover back on method. ALL FIXED

  45. Got a 2003 Panasonic DVD-535 wih the H02/No Disk problem. Tried the open up and spin method and it worked, but only until I ejected. Tried it again, spinning a bit longer and it appears to be working fine for now.


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