Kevin and I headed out to Breakers last night to confirm or deny the rumour that it is closed. Well… how about we just say it is partially closed.

The access road that leads to the parking lot is closed, but none of the other trails that lead there are blocked off. What does this mean? The bonfire tomorrow night at Breakers is on. If you’re in the area and want to go, Kevin and I are heading out shortly after 6pm. (If you need directions, send me an email at: aragirn [at]

Anyways, here are some pictures that I took (and a couple that Kevin took) last night. The pictures are mirrored here and here.


Some N64 action

N64 in the Sun (and no, I’m not sure why I look pissed off)

So, today was an absolutely gorgeous day, 65 degrees Fahrenheit (or for those among you who are sane, ~18 Celsius) with hardly a cloud in the sky. I felt like being outside, so Kevin, Peter (not pictured) and I grabbed some chairs, a TV and the N64 for a little Super Smash Brothers action.

We ended up moving to a different part of the yard after Peter left us, so that the guy who was mowing the grass could get to our spot.

Afterwards, we headed down to Chutes and Ladders and BBQed some dinner.

And for the rest of the night… we’ve got a projector and plenty to watch.

Yay for lazy summer days in Houghton, MI.

MTU’s Campus in the Spring


So today, in order to prove that green things do grow in Houghton, went on a picture taking tour of part of campus. I was getting hungry, so I didn’t make it everywhere.

If you want to check out more pictures, check them out at: this page.

Alternatively, you can look at them on my flickr page or my gallery.

This is going to be a long weekend, and since I have little to do, and less money to do it on, I’ll probably be going to a few other places in the area on excursions, and I’ll be bringing my camera along for the ride.


This morning (since it is after midnight) I updated my Gallery install from version 1.5 to version 2 Beta 3.

The Gallery project moved to a database driven system and the administration console is a lot more accessible and easier to configure and mantain. It seems more resonsive and has a plethora of new features.

EXIF data is displayed with images, it has a crisper look and the layouts are easier to manage.

Go ahead, take a look at the new gallery.

Episode 3

Well, I just got back from watching Episode 3, and in my opinioin, Lucas managed to redeem himself for Ep. 2. I don’t think there’s anything he can ever do to make up for the travesty that was Episode 1.

I’d recommend you go see it, and when you’re saying “WTF!” about the physics in the opening space battle, remember: there’s a planet nearby.