Work is over, here come classes

Well, after a week of work hell, classes have started. I’m down to 8 hours a week at war, and that was more than I really wanted. This semester should be pretty interesting, I’ve a number of classes that I’m looking forward to.

I started my day with Historiography at 8am, followed by History of Michigan with the same prof at 9am. I don’t think I’m going to care for either of those classes much, not because of the content, but due to the teacher. Both classes had the exact same first lecture. I wanted to walk out of the second once I had my syllabus, but that isn’t the way to start a semester.

I have American Foreign Policy in about 15 minutes, I’ve had this teacher before, and it promises to be interesting. The class size is nearly 50 people, which will make it one of the larger classes I’ve had recently. I have her syllabus already, and it looks to be what I’d expect for a class by Mary Durfee, lots of reading, lots of papers and good discussion.

This afternoon I have Intro to Social Sciences (a 1000 level course that I didn’t take as I didn’t start as a SS major). Following that I have Themes in Western Civilization. I’m hoping the latter will at least be interesting. Three hours of work, and I should be home by 7:20pm.

Tomorrow, I have Archery, Rifles, Leisure Sports and Cyber-Law. At least the last should be informative.

You can see my full schedule at:

Ruckus Exposed

Here’s the promised Ruckus post.

Ruckus Networks is now offering their music/movie download service to the students of Michigan Tech. What does this mean for the average student?

  • An easy, legal way to obtain your music and movies.
  • The reconnect fee for Resnet after being disconnected for copyright violations is now $100.
  • Copyright violators will now have to attend an ethics class.
  • Ruckus itself appears to be offering a fairly standard music/movie store. It’s also offers social interaction similar to facebook. The movie selection at the moment seems to be a little lacking, but it should improve.

    If you’re interested, they offer a free 14 day trial, just visit their web site and check it out.

    71 hours

    Starting tomorrow, I have 71 hours of work in 8 days without a day off. I do get half of Tuesday off though. Resnet is about to get crazy.

    I’ll make a post about Ruckus tomorrow for everyone.

    Update: Work has been crazy, Ruckus update on Tuesday.

    Busy, Busy

    Since I got home Sunday night, I’ve had a pretty busy week.

  • Monday: Found out that the Resnet office would be moving to a smaller office.
  • Tuesday: Packed the office and threw stuff that we didn’t need/wouldn’t fit away.
  • Wednesday: Moved the office, ran cables, partially unpack.
  • Thursday: Catch up on work, try to get things ready for the coming craziness of Orientation Week.
  • Friday: Work on the training manual, man the phones and answer email. Friday night at home involved vacuuming the house, sweeping and scrubbing the kitchen.
  • Saturday: Clean both bathrooms (disgusting!) and Kim’s fishtank. I hear rumour of a bonfire out at Gay beach tonight.
  • Tomorrow will dawm upon me while I’m sitting at the MUB waiting to pick Kim up. Apparently the MUB is the new bus stop for Houghton. I’ll help her move in and then, well… maybe I can try to relax for an afternoon.

    It’s been busy, but maybe I’ll make it.

    Home again

    Well, I’m home again. I had a great time this weekend. Happy birthday again to my dad, he turned 51 Saturday!

    Friday was pretty good, I played putt-putt for the first time in what has to be at least 6 years. I’m afraid that my score looked frighteningly similar to my bowling score (89). I also went to the Neil Diamond concert, which wasn’t as bad as I feared; it still is not my type of music though. Dad enjoyed it a lot though, and that’s what matters. Also, an old aquantaince has become a new friend, and that’s always nice.

    I shot my dad’s Magnum .44 a few times on Saturday, I didn’t hit anything (I’d never fired a handgun before), but it was fun. We also spent a bit of time just hanging out and watching movies.

    Now, I’m back in Houghton looking forward to a long week of work getting ready for the upcoming school year. Today saw the first freshman parent enter my office trying to sort things out for his son. It looks like Wads is going to be fun again this year. I really wish that we had a better way to handle which side of the room student’s connections are put on. Also, East Wads isn’t back up from the renovation yet, hopefully it gets done before orientation week.

    Future plans:

  • What to do this weekend, the last free one I have for a while?
  • Seether concert in Escanaba on the 19th?