Razr V3m and iSync

While trying to get my new Motorola Razr V3m (from Alltel) to sync my Address Book and iCal with my computer, I ran into some problems. Namely, the phone would be recognized and would be added to iSync, I could only sync Address Book entries though, iSync told me that syncing iCal to the phone was not supported.

My previous phone was a Razr V3, and I was able to sync both Address Book and iCal with it, so I didn’t really believe it wasn’t possible. After searching around the internet for a while, I ran across a solution that worked at whopack.com. It involves changing a iSync file, so make sure to create a backup of any files before you edit them (just in case). Continue reading

From Cingular to Alltel

Earlier this week I received a letter from Cingular informing me that more than half of my calls were made off network and therefore, they were terminating my contract. I called and got a promise that they would unlock my phone (I’m still waiting on the code and instructions… they told me it would take 10 business days to get).

After checking out the other providers (all of whom offer basically the same service), I got on my parents’ family plan (hey… it’s $11/month instead of $45). I got my new phone today and it has been activated. If you want my phone number and didn’t get a call or email from me with the number, please leave me a comment and I’ll get it to you.

P.S. Cingular, you’ve lost a customer for a very long time.