Tim, Jess and I

So Tim’s girlfriend, Jess, came up to visit this weekend. She endured 32 hours on a bus round trip to make it, so that was phenomenal of her.

She got here early Thursday morning (~6am) and immediately went to bed. (I can’t blame her, I’d been up since 5 to take Rae to the airport and then crawled back in once she got here.) Thursday afternoon we drove down to the Porkies to see the Lake of the Clouds. It was incredibly pretty and Jess was nice enough to pose a little for me.

Lake of the Clouds-2006-2

Lake of the Clouds-2006-4

Lake of the Clouds-2006-11

Lake of the Clouds-2006-14

Lake of the Clouds-2006-20

Friday wasn’t as busy, we had dinner (Japanese food) and Yuta was over (a friend of Tim’s from JCMU).


Then we headed out to Misery Bay hoping to catch the Northern Lights, but the cloud cover had other plans.


Saturday turned into a bit of a nasty day, but since Jess really wanted to see Brockway Mountain, we piled into a car and headed up to Copper Harbor. Quite a bit of the land was shrouded in fog, but it made for some cool pictures.

Foggy Brockway

On the way down, Jess wanted to stop and get her picture taken by one of the signs pointing the way to Gay (as most visitors do).


Jess is a fun girl, and Tim is lucky to have found her.

Time for school to start again

I got my day off, and classes started today. It was an enjoyable day… starting with hashbrowns, bacon and eggs. A trip to Walmart and a search for a tripod later, I was off to Baltic to photograph some industrial ruins with my friend Kevin. I’ll post pictures once I find time to go through all of them.

I’ve been to my first class, Environmental Policy and Politics, and I think it will be fun. I’m not too interested in the 20 page term paper, and there will be a ton of notes, but overall, I think it will be good for me. Last semester I had a really hard time motivating myself; I think I’ll do better this year.

I’ve given myself Friday night and one day on the weekend to enjoy myself, most likely I’ll be going out and doing photography then. I’ve cut down my time at work and I only have group on campus that I have to be responsible in, so that will save a couple hours a week too. My Monday, Wedneday and Friday schedules are rather light, so I’m going to try and get homework done those days as well. If I can stick to it, I don’t think I’ll have a problem with my 17 credits.

I’ve been home to sleep

That’s about the only time I’ve seen my apartment this past week. Work has been insane, 72 hours last week and more than 60 last week. Oh well, it will be a nice paycheck at least.

School starts on Tuesday, thank goodness it’s only a 3 day week though, so I’ll have time to recover before classes get too difficult.

I managed to snap a few pictures these past couple weeks at somepoint, I’m not sure how I found the time:

Sunset - 28 August 20062006-1

Houghton - 23 August 20062006-2