Where did the last three weeks go?

School is starting tomorrow, so I figured I should do a recap of my fantastic break.

The first week involved bouncing back and forth between my parents’ place and East Lansing (where Melissa lives). Melissa and I then headed to Houghton for New Years and I spent the week showing her the local sites.

Day 15

Day 21 - Happy New Years!

Hungarian Falls-2006-7

She headed home on the 6th, and I spent the next week substitute teaching in one of the local schools. I got to make my own lesson plans and write my own tests, so that was absolutely incredible. The kids were great, I can’t believe they paid me for it.

Day 32 - Teaching

Wow… it’s amazing how quickly I can distill three weeks of my life into a couple paragraphs.

P.S. I’m still going strong on my 365 Days project at Day 36.