Sad iPod

My iPod has given up the ghost. I’ve been fighting with it for a while now and today, I was squarely beaten. I was listening to a couple of Beethoven’s symphonies today (3rd and 7th if you want to know) and turned it off when I got to class. As usual, I put it in my pocket for the rest of the day. This was at noon.

Fast forward to 4:30pm. I just got out of my last class for the day and am sitting in my car. The iPod goes in the cupholder, the FM transmitter is attached. I use the menu to navigate to a song in my playlist of rock music and the iPod freezes. I mentally groan and am annoyed to have to fuss with it before I head home. I reset it and it goes through its booting menu… this time though, I’m not greeted by the normal menu. Oh no, I get this:

Sad iPod

I’m still within the standard one year warranty (I didn’t buy AppleCare for my iPod) so I’ve submitted the web form to get a replacement. It turns out, since I’m past 6 months, I have to pay shipping, to the tune of $30. Oh well, that’s $30 for a new iPod, it’s better than $299.

Hopefully the turn around is less than a week, I’m already missing it.


Adam and Jamie from MythBusters came to Tech and gave a talk about who they are, what they do and how they got started. They fielded questions from the audience and even gave a demonstration that involved audience members drinking beer.


After going, I love the show even more. They’re two down-to-earth guys who love what they do and say what they think.

Rock on.

The Parents Visit

This is a holiday weekend for MTU students, K-Day (Keweenaw Day), also known as Keg Day to a good portion of the student population was Friday. Partly for that reason, my parents picked this weekend to come up and visit, the other reasons if you’re wondering are boring enough that I need not commit them to a written form.

They got up on Friday night, and we had a delicious dinner at The Library, a local restaurant with their own microbrewery. The food was as good as I’ve heard that it was. We putzed around for a bit and semi-helped my brother move into an apartment with his girlfriend. He’s finally out of the dorms now too.

Saturday was a good time as well. I went out for breakfast with my dad to Soumi Restaurant. It’s next door to the Molo (Tech parlance for The Motherlode Cafe). The week before I’d had some wonderful french toast made out of nisu, so I decided to go there instead of Kaleva Cafe in Hancock.

The rest of the day involved utilizing the Kirby vacuum to clean the carpets and furniture around the house while my parents took my brother to WalMart for house supplies. Later, I took them out to Breakers and we went to the end of the breakwall.

They left early this morning.

Walking Back