Summer 2008 Trip: Day 3 – Cedar Rapids, IA to Badlands Natl. Park

Well, I’m sitting in Badlands National Park waiting for the stars to come out. We got here shortly before sunset, so there wasn’t much in the way of photos tonight. However, my tripod is set up right now and I’m just waiting for more stars to come out in order to take some star trail photos, which should turn out amazingly given the fantastic scenery.

Our alarms are set for 4am so that we can break camp and be in place for some 5am sunrise photos. Hopefully I’ll be able to update again tomorrow night from the park with pictures. Current plans are to be in the Badlands Sunday and Monday.

Day 3 - Cedar Rapids, IA to Badlands National Park

Travel Distance: 656 miles

Summer 2008 Trip: Day 2 – Cedar Rapids, IA

Spent the day hanging out with a couple friends from college. Betsy took me about 20 miles south of Cedar Rapids to a tourist attraction town called Amana, which was founded by German settlers in the 1850s. A brewery, a few small wineries and several small shops dominate the downtown district. Sadly, they allow cars through the downtown area, which does much to spoil the “old town” feeling they are attempting to cultivate.

After returning to Cedar Rapids and hooking up with Kevin, I called in the steak dinner he owes me and we’re now closing out a night of making plans, catching up and playing video games. In the morning, Kevin and I will hit the road for the Badlands and several other sights in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and a couple caves.

Cedar Rapids to Amana

Travel Distance: 48 miles

Out of the U.P.

Well, I’ve left the Upper Peninsula for good now. College is finished, work is over and I’ve moved out of my apartment. Wednesday or so I start my trip out west. Today I packed 10 boxes with almost 300 pounds of possessions and I’ll fork over around $230 to the USPS on my way out of town so they’ll be there when I arrive. Tomorrow I’ll finish buying the last of the things to ship to Shaktoolik and/or need for my trip.

It’s been a great 5 years, I’ve made a lot of friends that will hopefully stay with me throughout life and made a lot of memories as well. It’s time to move on to the next adventure and make more of both.

Mackinaw Bridge-2006-2

I’ve driven across the Mackinaw Bridge more times than I can count. Yesterday, it was symbolic though. A bridge to the next phase of my life.