Back home!

Well, I’ve made it back home and it is time for the obligatory picture post.

Once I got down to East Lansing, Jess (Tim’s girlfriend) and Melissa took me on a tour of Michigan State University’s campus, it was a really good time (the campus was nice too…)

MSU Campus-2006-13

Once I made it to my parents’ house, I got to spend a good bit of the week deer hunting (no, I didn’t get any this year; in fact, I didn’t see any bucks).

It was a great vacation, and I can’t wait to head back downstate in a month. School has begun to get very tedious.


I’ve driven over 1,000 miles in the past few days and have had a wonderful time. From Houghton, I hit East Lansing, Madison Heights, Auburn Hills (and then back to East Lansing) before heading to see my parents in Rose City (where I’ll be until Saturday).

Many thanks to Jess and Melissa in Lansing, Chris in Madison Heights (who has tempted me with the Xbox 360) and Kattni in Auburn Heights for putting me up and entertaining me. If any of you feel like getting up to the North Country, let me know.

Pictures will be on flickr once I get off dial-up.

Escaping Houghton

Friday afternoon, I’m heading downstate. I plan on getting to Lansing around midnight and spending the weekend there. The plan is to get into Rose City Monday morning.

If you want to get together, either in Lansing or Rose City, let me know before noon on Friday (email, AIM, cell or comment will do).