Swimming in the Portage

Peter, Kevin, Christian, Matthew and I went out to the beach at Chutes and Ladders tonight to cool down after the insanely hot weather today (80F). Of course, I had my camera along, so I snapped a picture of the sun setting behind Hancock.

Portage Sunset


This is a bit belated (my birthday is June 16), but it’s meant to be.

Another year has officially passed, and I’m now 20. It always amazes me how that day simaltaneously never makes me feel any older than the day before and how in these last couple of years it seems as if the day strives to remind me how old I’ve become. 5 years ago, I was 1/3 my dad’s age, now I’m 4/10 his age. It seems odd doesn’t it?

In the last year, I’ve started a new chapter in the storybook of my life. I’ve gone from a Computer Engineering student who was unsure of what to do in life, to changing my major and deciding that I want to teach. I’m out of the dorms (most likely permanently) and living on my own. It’s been a year of transistions, and I’m glad to say that overall, I’m pretty happy about it.

Commenting back

Well, commenting is fixed (though it will be sketchy the rest of the night as I confirm what broke it). It’s something in my apache2 virtualhost definition file, so I’m going to be commenting different portions out and determining what it was. I’ll post more on this later in an edit to this post.


Well, it seems that it doesn’t have anything to do with the virtualhost definitions after all. For some reason, it absolutely hates having the site definition as aragirn.net instead of blog.aragirn.net. I’m not too sure why, but now that I know what it is, at least I can get it working. I thought I’d ruled this out with the clean install I used as a test, but I guess not.

The following websites will all point here, but when you click a link to get deeper into the site, it will use blog.aragirn.net/foo



Well, for some reason, WordPress isn’t allowing comments to be posted on my blog. I’ve been working on this for a few hours tonight, and haven’t been able to solve it yet.

I’m going to keep working though, I will get comments back up again eventually…


It’s looking like this is something to do with the router, as it only happens outside of our house’s LAN. It doesn’t matter if someone has an account or not. So, my current suspicion is that version of WordPress implements some sort of comment spam prevention that doesn’t play nice with mod_proxy in Apache. More on this as I work on it.

EDIT: (16 June, 2005 0300 GMT)

Well, I just tested a totally clean WordPress install (new database and everything) with a version (1.5) that I know worked. I’m strongly suspecting that this is a mod_proxy problem on the router. I’ll have to talk to Peter about it when he gets back at the end of this week and see if we can work something out in regards to changing how we currently do things.