Summer 2008 Trip – South Dakota Pictures


Kevin and I right inside Badlands National Park

The Wall at sunrise

A lone bison wondering away from the herd

The Yellow Mounds

Plants grow even in this forbidding landscape

Bighorn sheep standing atop a ridge

Minuteman Missile National Monument

Delta-1 Control Facility

Security Forces response vehicle

South Dakota Air and Space Museum

B-1B Lancer

Minuteman II missile

Minuteman II missile in its silo

Minuteman II missile transport vehicle

B-29 bomber

Mount Rushmore

Kevin and I at Mount Rushmore – apparently I can’t keep my eyes open



A mountain goat and her kid

Jewel Cave

Jewel Cave is perhaps one of the most difficult shooting locations I’ve ever been to. It is DARK down there, even with the lights the National Park Service has installed.

Needles highway

The Needles Eye formation


Two pronghorn antelope thinking about crossing the road